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Learn Git / GitHub Account

This lesson focuses on setting up a new GitHub account.

Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes

GitHub is a cloud-hosted version control system that allows collaboration among a development team. Although GitHub is most often used for software projects, it can be used to maintain versions of any electronics files. These training materials require the use of GitHub and therefore a GitHub account is required.

GitHub accounts are free as long as the repositories are public, for example for "throw away" test code and open source projects. These training materials will ask you to create repositories as you follow the training lessons. To open an account, use a web browser to open the GitHub main page:

Then click on the Sign up for GitHub button/link and fill out the information for a new account. The account name will be associated with edits in a repository and will be public. Therefore, pick something reasonable such as first.last, first initial and last name (jsmith), or other account that you often use in public.

Once you have created an account you can create your own repositories. The Read the Guide button/link on the GitHub welcome page provides an example of how to use GitHub. However, you may want to go through the examples in this documentation first so that you have the CDSS perspective. Once you are capable with Git and GitHub you will likely find new ways to use them in your professional work.