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TSTool / Release Notes / Version 14

Known Limitations

  • limitation [14.0.0] Features that were previously available for reading and writing HEC-DSS files are disabled. Additional resources are needed to update the software to use 64-bit libraries for HEC-DSS.

Changes in Version 14.0.1

Maintenance release with minor changes to address issues and features needed for automated testing.

  • bug [14.0.1] Fix command processing so that if a command has an error, the command's output files will be listed in the Results / Output Files. Previously, a command with an error would not list its output files.
  • bug [14.0.1] Fix problem with command documentation not finding latest documentation if versioned documentation does not exist and update documentation URLs to https.
  • bug [14.0.1] Fix the CompareTimeSeries command to properly handle comparing two files or ensembles.
  • bug [14.0.1] Fix bug where command with #@expectedStatus comment that, when run returned a different status, was not resulting in a failure indication in the user interface.
  • change [14.0.1] Add a Cancel button to the Tools / Diagnostics dialog and clarify the tooltips on buttons related to setting diagnostics properties.
  • change [14.0.1] Add TSTool.cfg configuration properties DiffProgram.Windows and DiffProgram.Linux to allow configuring visual difference program for each environment without having to change the single DiffProgram configuration property, and default to KDiff3 as an example of typical use.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the following commands to list datastores opened with OpenDataStore command, used in automated testing (previously only listed datastores that are opened at startup, which limited the ability to edit command parameters):
  • change [14.0.1] Message dialogs now show text that can be highlighted and copied.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the CreateRegressionTestCommandFile command:
    • Improve how test suites are handled with IncludeTestSuite and ExcludeTestSuite. The behavior is now intuitive.
    • Add support for @os linux, which is equivalent to @os UNIX.
    • Allow the SearchFolder parameter to list more than one folder
  • change [14.0.1] Update the FormatTableDateTime command to support seconds for IncrementBaseUnit parameter.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the Message command to have PromptActions parameter, which enables interactive prompts to confirm message in command workflows, for example to prompt for confirmation for destructive actions such as removing files and folders.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the ReadStateModB command to have OutputVersion parameter, which allows converting old data files to current format.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the ReadTableFromDataStore command:
    • allow newline character in Sql parameter to format multi-line SQL
    • default floating point column precision to 6 digits for SQLite databases
    • add OutputProperties parameter to set output properties when a single row is returned
  • change [14.0.1] Update the ReadTableFromDelimitedFile command to accept space for Delimiter parameter, using \s notation.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the RunCommands command to have StdoutProperty parameter.
  • change [14.0.1] Fix the Wait command to properly handle small wait time specified as decimal fraction of second.
  • change [14.0.1] Update the WriteTableToDelimitedFile command to have IncludeColumns and ExcludeColumns parameters.

Changes in Version 14.0.0

This is the first 64-bit Java release. See also many new features that were added in the last 13.x releases.

  • change [14.0.0] This is the first 64-bit release with new major version number 14:
    • Installing version 14 will automatically copy a user's .tstool configuration files for previous version to this version.
    • The HEC-DSS features are disabled. Additional resources are needed to update the software to use 64-bit libraries for HEC-DSS.
    • This 64-bit version is constrained only by available memory on the computer and can be configured to use more memory for large datasets, if necessary. This is an improvement over the 32-bit version, which was constrained to approximately 1.2 GB of memory use.
  • change [14.0.0] Enhance the raster graph:
    • The ProcessRasterGraph command TSProductFile and OutputFile parameters can now be specified using ${Property} syntax.
    • Time series product file now accepts a Data property SymbolTablePath, which specifies the path to a symbol table, which describes the colors for the raster graph. If not specified, the raster graph uses deciles, after rounding the minimum and maximum values.
    • The Data property RasterGraphLegendPosition has been added, and currently always defaults to Right. A color legend is always shown.
    • An optional mouse tracker can be enabled in the graph window.
    • Improved the mouse position information to include the symbol table range, consistent with the symbol table for colors.
    • Improve the handling of colors.
    • Attempting to zoom cased errors. Zoom is now disabled.
  • change [14.0.0] Update the CompareTimeSeries command:
    • The WarnIfDifferent and WarnIfSame parameters have been changed to IfDifferent and IfSame to provide more flexibility, similar to other commands.
    • The CreateDiffTS parameter has been updated to provide IfDifferent option, which will only create the difference time series for cases where a difference is detected. This significantly reduces the number of output time series and increases processing speed.
    • Add DifferenceFile parameter to indicate a file listing the difference counts for all time series. The output was previously always saved in the log file, which led to large log files.
    • Add SummaryFile parameter to indicate a file listing the summary of time series with differences. Time series without differences are not included in the summary. The output was previously always saved in the log file.
    • Add MatchAlias parameter to match time series alias.
    • Improve error checks and warnings when a time series cannot be matched.
    • Improve performance.
  • change [14.0.0] Update the ReadStateCUB command:
    • Added the OutputVersion parameter to allow old binary files to be translated to latest format, necessary to minimize differences when testing.
  • change [14.0.0] Update the ReadStateModB command:
    • Ignores parameter with name NA, which are placeholders that don't have data.
    • Handle the case where b44 (reservoir) file contains no reservoir stations.
    • Add IfFileNotFound parameter to provide more control over error handling.
  • change [14.0.0] Add the --java-xmx parameter to the Linux tstool shell script to set the maximum computer memory to use for TSTool Java Runtime Environment.
  • new [14.0.0] Added the --space-replacement TSTool command line parameter to help with commands lines that include spaces in parameters.