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TSTool / Release Notes / Version 6

The contents of page have been minimally formatted.

Changes in Version 6.19.00

 Update fillUsingDiversionComments() to extend time series with diversion comments available outside the normal diversion records period, if no query or output period has been specified.

Changes in Version 6.18.00

  • Add runCommands() to allow a controlling commands file to run other commands files.

Changes in Version 6.17.00

  • Add compareFiles() to help with regression testing, to verify current and expected results.

Changes in Version 6.16.02

  • Begin adding data test commands in development mode – these commands will evaluate time series for critical conditions.
  • Reenabled fillMove2(), which was unintentionally disabled in a previous release.

Changes in Version 6.16.01

  • First version that includes operational features to support link between time series and map interface.
  • Increase performance at startup when no main GUI is shown, for cases when TSTool is being used to provide graphs for other software.
  • Add support for Universal Naming Convention (UNC) for software home in startup files.
  • Change View…Map Interface to View…Map.

Changes in Version 6.16.00

  • Implement hooks for the NDFD input type.
  • Improve handling of NWS Card file extensions in commands and File…Save menu choices.
  • Add map interaction features. See the Installation and Configuration Appendix for more information about configuring links with maps.

Changes in Version 6.15.00

  • Begin implementing link between time series and map interface.
  • Reorder general command menus to be more consistent with other software.
  • Add warning if time series cannot be retrieved from the RiversideDB input type.

Changes in Version 6.14.00

  • Change the setQueryPeriod() command to setInputPeriod() to be consistent with other software nomenclature. The old command is still supported.
  • The readNwsCard() and TS Alias = readNwsCard() commands both now use the named-parameter notation and have the new Read24HourAsDay parameter.
  • Blank lines in commands files now display properly.
  • Fix bug where time series table sometimes showed half-drawn rows.
  • Fix bugs where StateMod binary and StateCU input type file chooser prompt would not allow a cancel of the file select to occur. Cancel now results in the previous file that was selected being displayed.

Changes in Version 6.12.00

  • Improve error handling for processing time series products. In particular, TSTool now returns a non-zero exit status if there is an error processing a product. This can be detected by external software that is running TSTool.

Changes in Version 6.11.00

  • Enable the ColoradoSMS input type and begin adding alert annotations for streamflow graphs.
  • Fix bug so that if a commands file is specified using a relative path, the working directory is interpreted correctly to determine the full path to the commands file.
  • Add the ability to accept Parameter=Value command line parameters. This will allow override of configuration file information.
  • Convert processTSProduct() to use named parameters and ensure that output can be viewed even if in batch mode with no main GUI.
  • Update so that for batch runs, the CDSS.cfg file information for HydroBase is used to make the initial connection. Phase out the HydroBase database properties in the TSTool.cfg file.

Changes in Version 6.10.09

  • Convert cumulate() to use named parameters and begin development of a new Reset parameter.
  • Convert readStateModB() to use named parameters and add the Version parameter to allow reading of old files. The features associated with the Version parameter are under development.
  • Update the newStatisticYearTS() to support calculation of maximum and minimum values in a year and count of values in a year above/below a test value. Also update the command to better handle incomplete data at the end of the analysis period.
  • Update the openHydroBase() command to check the CDSS.cfg information and provide database server and database name choices to the user, to minimize errors in use.

Changes in Version 6.10.08

  • Convert fillConstant() to use named parameters.
  • Convert newTimeSeries() to use named parameters.
  • Add the newStatisticYearTS() command, in particular to support calculation of frost date time series.
  • Update openHydroBase() to accept the database name parameter.
  • Double-clicking on a command will now cause the editor for the command to be displayed.
  • Add a Command Glossary to the documentation and begin to standardize command parameter names to be consistent.

Changes in Version 6.10.07

  • Convert scale() to use named parameters.
  • Change TS X = … to TS Alias = … in menus. Start to change notation in documentation and command dialogs.
  • Convert copy() to use named parameters and add the ability to assign a new TSID to the copy.
  • Convert writeStateMod() to use named parameters and add ability to select time series to write.
  • Convert readStateMod() to use named parameters and add parameters for the input period..

Changes in Version 6.10.06

  • Official release to support stored procedures.
  • Documentation made current to reflect changes since the last documentation issue.
  • Respond to feedback from previous 6.10.x incremental releases.
  • Fix bug where XY-Scatter graph was not working due to changes in the 6.10.00 BETA release.

Changes in Version 6.10.05

  • Add the lagK() command.
  • Update the fillProrate() command InitialValue parameter to support NearestForward and NearestBackward.

Changes in Version 6.10.04

  • Add additional input filter choices for HydroBase structures and stations, consistent with the StateView software.
  • Update the fillProrate() command to include the ComputeFactorHow parameter to allow computing the proration factor based on an average of ratios. Update the command to support free-format parameters.
  • Update the selectTimeSeries() command to allow combinations of selection filters, to allow more flexibility.
  • Add the ability to query HydroBase infrequent diversion and reservoir release time series.

Changes in Version 6.10.03 BETA

  • Input filters for HydroBase well structures and stations are now handled properly.
  • Add initial support for saving time series products to HydroBase and RiversideDB.

Changes in Version 6.10.02 BETA

  • Update the openHydroBase() command to use free-format parameters.

Changes in Version 6.10.01 BETA

  • Enable ability to have data flags for daily and monthly data.
  • Update the writeRiverWare() command to handle time steps other than hourly.

Changes in Version 6.10.00 BETA

  • Begin releasing support for HydroBase stored procedures.
  • Begin development of generic changeInterval() command and update to free-format parameters.
  • Begin work on the Mixed Station Analysis tool and fillMixedStation() command.
  • Update the fillRegression() command to support free-format parameters.
  • Begin work on the analyzePattern() command.
  • Add the Commands…Analyze Time Series menu for analysis commands.
  • Add the Commands…Models menu for more complicated modeling commands.
  • Add the Tools…Analysis menu for analysis tools.
  • Begin implementing the generic log file viewer, which allows links between commands and log messages.
  • Change defaults to NOT display messages to the console, to improve performance.
  • Add the point graph type.
  • Add the predicted value graph type.
  • Add the predicted value residual graph type.
  • Add the sortTimeSeries() command.
  • Add the ability for the readNWSCard() command to read 1+ time series.
  • Add the startLog() command.
  • Add the compareTimeSeries() command.
  • Update the fillHistMonthAverage() and fillHistYearAverage() commands to have fill flag and free-format parameters.
  • Add a warning in the add() command when frost date time series are added and indicate more appropriate commands.

Changes in Version 6.09.03

  • Fix bug where initial directory with spaces in name was causing errors.

Changes in Version 6.09.02

  • Added release notes to documentation.
  • Fix bug in NWSRFS FS5Files input type where identifiers with underscores were not being handled.
  • StateModB input type reservoir data types (and some well types) had ? for data groups – this has been resolved using StateMod 10.27 HTML documentation.

Changes in Version 6.09.01

  • Added NWSRFS FS5Files input type support, for use with the National Weather Service River Forecast System (NWSRFS).
  • Fix summary reports (daily totals and means) to handle minute data.

Changes in Version 6.09.00

  • Add the readHydroBase() command to read one or more HydroBase time series while filtering based on location, ID, etc.

Changes in Version 6.08.02

  • Documentation updated to reflect all version 6 changes.
  • Minor corrections to interface based on documentation review.

Changes in Version 6.08.01

  • For the HydroBase input type, allow the ODBC DSN to be specified in the TSTool configuration file, to allow a HydroBase connection to be made at startup without prompting. This supports the CDSS CD distribution.

Changes in Version 6.08.00

  • Allow StateCU input type time series read commands to allow wildcards.
  • Allow StateMod input type time series read commands to allow wildcards.