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TSTool / Template Processing

This documentation provides information about processing templates.


TSTool can be used to automate processing using templates. Templates are text files that contain placeholders (variables) that can be dynamically replaced. Templates can include:

  • command files
  • time series product (graph) configurations
  • content such as HTML and Markdown

Example use cases include:

  • expand a command file using the template looping syntax, which uses Freemarker - an alternate approach is to use the For command to iterate
  • expanding a template time series product graph configuration file for specific time series
  • expand web page content given an in put list such as stations or time series

Template files are an advanced technique that can be used to implement advanced workflows.


Template processing commands are found in the Commands / Template Processing menu.

The ExpandTemplateFile command is used to expand files containing FreeMarker syntax.

TSTool User Interface

The Results / Output Files tab lists output files that are created when processing commands, such as files expanded from templates. Click on an output file to view.


See the Examples section of command documentation.