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TSTool / File Processing

This documentation provides information about general file processing.


TSTool can be used to automate processing text files. Example use cases include:

  • copying and manipulating files during a workflow
  • downloading files from the cloud, and uploading files to the cloud
  • creating files by merging content
  • converting files from one format (e.g., comma-separated value) to other formats (e.g., JSON)
  • compare text files for automated testing

Input files are used as input to command workflows and can be maintained using version control repositories such as with GitHub.

Output files are dynamically created and may be published to the cloud. Because dynamically-created output files can be recreated by running commands, the files are often omitted from version-control systems.


General file processing commands are found in the Commands / General - File Handling menu.

TSTool User Interface

The Results / Output Files tab lists output files that are created when processing commands. Click on an output file to view.


See the Examples section of command documentation.