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TSTool / Command / ConvertDataUnits


The ConvertDataUnits command converts the data units for a time series (e.g., before output to a file). Some read and write commands also may allow units to be converted. See also the Scale command, which allows units of output to be specified.

Command Editor

The following dialog is used to edit the command and illustrates the syntax of the command.


ConvertDataUnits Command Editor (see also the full-size image)

The Dimension choice should be selected to narrow the list of available units to the appropriate dimension. Next, select the New Data Units for the time series. The list of available data units is taken from the information described in the TSTool DATAUNIT file (see the TSTool Installation and Configuration Appendix for more information). If desired units are not available, contact the TSTool developers to suggest adding units to the DATAUNIT file or edit the command manually after initial creation. See also the TSTool View / Data Units menu to view the current data units.

The dialog cannot display the current units for the time series because the units are not available until time series are actually processed – commands are edited before processing.

Command Syntax

The command syntax is as follows:


Command Parameters

Parameter            Description Default                           
TSList Indicates the list of time series to be processed, one of:
  • AllMatchingTSID – all time series that match the TSID (single TSID or TSID with wildcards) will be processed.
  • AllTS – all time series before the command.
  • EnsembleID – all time series in the ensemble will be processed (see the EnsembleID parameter).
  • FirstMatchingTSID – the first time series that matches the TSID (single TSID or TSID with wildcards) will be processed.
  • LastMatchingTSID – the last time series that matches the TSID (single TSID or TSID with wildcards) will be processed.
  • SelectedTS – the time series are those selected with the SelectTimeSeries command.
TSID The time series identifier or alias for the time series to be processed, using the * wildcard character to match multiple time series. Can be specified using ${Property}. Required if TSList=*TSID
EnsembleID The ensemble to be processed, if processing an ensemble. Can be specified using ${Property}. Required if TSList=*EnsembleID
The new data units. None – must be specified.


See the automated tests.

A sample command file to convert the units of a time series from the State of Colorado’s HydroBase database is as follows:



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