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TSTool / Datastore Reference / USGS NWIS Groundwater (UsgsNwisGroundwater)


The UsgsNwisGroundwater datastore corresponds to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Water Information System (NWIS) groundwater web service.

The following online query page is available for interactive queries:

Although the USGS NWIS services are largely compatible with TSTool conventions, there are a number of limitations, which are discussed below.

The NWIS groundwater web service allows data to be retrieved as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), tab-delimited (RDB), or WaterML 1.1 (with USGS extenstions, called WaterML 1.2). Each of these formats has features and limitations that are discussed in more detail in other documentation. The UsgsNwisGroundwater datastore is used with the ReadUsgsNwisGroundwater command and the data files saved by the command are used with the ReadUsgsNwisRdb and ReadWaterML commands.

Standard Time Series Properties

The standard time series identifier for USGS NWIS time series in TSTool is of the form:


More specifically, the identifier adheres to the following convention:


where identifier parts are described as follows:

  • The SiteNum corresponds to a USGS site. The NWIS Mapper, USGS Site Inventory and other published information from the USGS can be used to determine site numbers.
  • AgencyCode can be blank for USGS sites or is specified from the following list (for example, use USGS for the code): agency code list
  • ParameterCode is taken from the parameter list available from the following list: parameter code. Ideally a parameter name could be used; however, the list of parameters is extensive, descriptions may change, and special characters like the period are used in descriptions and would interfere with the TSID convention. Consequently, a concise unique parameter name is not readily apparent, and the initial implementation uses the numerical parameter code. In the future, the text name may be allowed and a prefix may be used to indicate whether a code or name is used. The groundwater web service is constrained to the following parameter codes:
    • 72019 - Depth to water level, feet below land surface
    • 72020 - Elevation above NGVD 1929, feet,
    • 62610 - Groundwater level above NGVD 1929, feet
    • 62611 - Groundwater level above NAVD 1988, feet
  • Interval defaults to Day. Finer resolution date/times are truncated to the day. In the future the datastore may be enhanced to allow the option to return time series in other intervals, including irregular.
  • DataStoreName is the user-defined datastore name from the configuration information.
  • Data units are taken from the following:
    • WaterML unitCode in variable element
  • Missing numerical values are internally represented as NaN and are assigned to any date/times in the period that do not have values.
    • WaterML noDataValue in variable element is checked and matching data values are handled as missing
  • Data value flags, if encountered, are retained in the time series. However, because the USGS uses A for approved, it may be necessary to ignore this flag so that other flags stand out more when visualized.
  • Data value qualifiers definitions are saved with time series and are available to use in time series visualization as flag definitions.
  • Properties are extracted from the XML and saved as time series properties. For example, the time series property siteName is set from the following XML:
<ns1:sourceInfo xsi:type="ns1:SiteInfoType" xmlns:xsi="">
        <ns1:siteName>CACHE LA POUDRE RIV AT MO OF CN, NR FT COLLINS, CO</ns1:siteName>


USGS NWIS datastore limitations relative to TSTool standard features are as follows:

  • Interpretation of USGS data is limited by WaterML limitations, as follows:
    • WaterML files from NWIS do not indicate the interval of the data. Day is assumed for the groundwater values web service; however, trying to read the WaterML file later will require that the interval is specified.
    • Some of the descriptions contain units, which may lead to confusion if time series are processed into different units.
  • The USGS web service does not allow for all historical data to be returned. Specifying no period returns only the most recent value. Start and end dates must be specified to retrieve a longer period; however, there is no way to request the entire available period. Consequently, users must request a period of interest for their analysis and the browsing features of TSTool cannot list the available period (because doing so would require querying all data, which would be very slow). The USGS NWIS site web service may be utilized in the future to improve data browsing.

Datastore Configuration File

A datastore is configured by enabling UsgsNwisGroundwater datastores in the main TSTool.cfg configuration file, and creating a datastore configuration file for each datastore. Configurations are processed at software startup. An example of the TSTool configuration file is shown below. Multiple datastores can be defined. For NWIS, this would allow, for example, accessing different versions of the web services.

# Configuration file for TSTool


UsgsNwisGroundwaterEnabled = true

TSTool Configuration File with UsgsNwisGroundwater Datastore Properties

Properties for each datastore are specified in an accompanying datastore configuration file (see below). TSTool is distributed with installation files that configure a USGS groundwater datastore in the datastores folder, named UsgsNwisGroundwater.

# Configuration information for "UsgsNwisGroundwater" datastore,
# for historical, manually recorded groundwater levels.
# Properties are:
# The user will see the following when interacting with the datastore:
# Type - UsgsNwisGroundwaterDataStore (required as indicated)
# Name - datastore identifier used in applications, for example as the
#     input type information for time series identifiers (usually a short string)
# Description - datastore description for reports and user interfaces (short phrase)
# Enabled - whether the datastore is enabled (default=True)
# The following are specific to the USGS NWIS groundwater datastore:
# ServiceRootURI - web service root URI, including the server name and root path
# ServiceAPIDocumentationURI - web service API documentation URI, describing
#     the syntax, input, and output
# ServiceOnlineURI - web service interactive page to query data, typically
#     "drill down" or form based

Type = "UsgsNwisGroundwaterDataStore"
Name = "UsgsNwisGroundwater"
Description = "USGS NWIS Groundwater Values (historical manually recorded values) Web Service"
Enabled = True
ServiceRootURI = ""
ServiceAPIDocumentationURI = ""
ServiceOnlineURI = ""

UsgsNwisGroundwater Datastore Configuration File