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TSTool / Datastore Processing

This documentation provides information about datastore processing.


TSTool implements "datastores" as data sources that provide time series and other data. A datastores may provide integration with a databases, web services, or other data souces. See the Datastores Overview for an overview. TSTool datastore features include interactive data browsing and commands to automate processing.

Example use cases include:

  • downloading time series and other data from web services
  • running SQL statements on a database and creating and manipulating databases
  • creating SQLite databases to distribute data
  • comparing the contents of datastores
  • creating an HTML data dictionary for a database


Datastore processing commands are found in the Commands / Datastore Processing menu.

Some commands, such as ReadTableFromDataStore are useful for querying database into tables, which can then be processed using Table Processing commands.

The NewSQLiteDatabase and RunSql commands can be used to publish a database, such as a collection of time series and other data.

TSTool User Interface

Datastore information can be listed using the View / Datastores menu.

Because datastores are used as input, there is no corresponding tab in the Results area.


See the Examples section of command documentation.