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TSTool / Network Processing

This documentation provides information about network processing.


TSTool can be used to automate processing data associated with networks. A network in TSTool is an upstream to downstream converging network represented by "nodes", similar to stream networks that have confluence points and converging streams. Each node has properties and a downstream node.

Example use cases include:

  • performing a point flow analysis for a network, which is a mass balance analysis of a system
  • using the network to select time series, for example to select precipitation or other water supply time series above a node in order to determine total upstream precipitation

A network can be constructed from a table, for example read from a spreadsheet or model file.


Network processing commands are found in the Commands / Network Processing menu.

The CreateNetworkFromTable command can be used to construct a network from a simple table of node data.

The SelectTimeSeries command can be used to select time series based on association with network nodes, and then the TSList=SelectedTS command parameter can be used in other commands to process all selected time series.

TSTool User Interface

The Results / Networks tab lists networks created by processing commands. Right-click on a network to view its properties.


See the Examples section of command documentation.