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TSTool / Visualization Processing

This documentation provides information about processing data visualizations.


The TSTool user interface can visualize data interactively and with automated processing.

Example use cases include:

  • automate creating graph image files
  • automate creating raster graph files (heatmaps)
  • create views of time series grouped by location


Visualization processing commands are found in the Commands / Visualization Processing menu.

The ProcessTSProduct command automates creating graph image files using configuration information from time series graph Save button.

The ProcessRasterGraph command automates creating raster graph image files.

The NewTreeView command creates a tree view that organizes time series for viewing, for example to group or show in geographic order rather than processing order or sorted by identifier.

The TSView Time Series Viewing Tools appendix describes configuration files for graphs.

TSTool User Interface

The Results / Time Series tab lists time series that are created when processing commands. Right-click on a time series to visualize the time series.

The Results / Views tab lists views created by the The NewTreeView command, which provides a way to select time series for viewing.


See the Examples section of command documentation.