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TSTool / Release Notes / Version 12

Changes in Version 12.07.00

  • change [12.07.00] Improve plugin datastore integration.

Changes in Version 12.06.00

  • new [12.06.00] Add ConfigureLogging command to help with troubleshooting tests.
  • change [12.06.00] Significant general improvements to command editors:
    • All command editor dialogs default to relative path when files or folders are selected via a file chooser.
    • Command editors now have a Help button to access online documentation.
    • Most dialogs are now not resizable.
    • The order of editor buttons has been standardized according to Java standards (OK, Cancel, Help).
  • change [12.06.00] Fix known issues with ColoradoHydroBaseRest web service datastore TSID command and ReadColoradoHydroBaseRest command features:
    • command was not properly handling where clauses in parameters - now fixed.
    • add reservoir storage and volume.
    • telemetry station data types were not being properly handled when saving and re-editing the command - now fixed.
    • the new HydroBase diversion coding that uses a period to delimit an account in the water class is handled by surrounding the data type with single quotes
  • change [12.06.00] Add ExcludeText parameter to the CompareFiles command to ignore dynamic data in tests.
  • change [12.06.00] Completed migration of LagK and VariableLagK documentation to online form.

Changes in Versions 12.01.00 - 12.05.00

  • new [12.05.00] Initial version of ColoradoHydroBaseRest web service datastore features. command and added network object as main object type in TSTool main interface.
  • new [12.03.00] Added the CreateNetworkFromTable command and added network object as main object type in TSTool main interface.
  • new [12.01.00] Added experimental plugin datastore feature to allow third-party modules to add datastore functionality. This allows developers to add functionality to TSTool without changing the core software.
  • change [12.05.00] Begin changing command editor dialogs to default to relative path when files are selected via a file chooser.
  • change [12.05.00] Enhance the If command to have contains and !contains operators for string evaluations.
  • change [12.05.00] Enhance the InsertTableColumn command to have InitialFunction parameter to facilitate setting initial values.
  • change [12.05.00] Enhance the InsertTableRow command to have ColumnValues parameter to set cell values for the inserted row.
  • change [12.05.00] Enhance the WebGet command to have ResponseCodeProperty parameter to help handle errors in requests.
  • new [12.04.00] Added the ReadWaterML2 command.
  • change [12.03.04] Enhance the For command to allow SequenceStart and SequenceEnd parameters to be specified with ${Property}.
  • change [12.03.00] Enhance the ReadTableFromDelimitedFile command to have RowCountProperty parameter.
  • change [12.03.00] Enhance the SelectTimeSeries command to support selection based on network downstream and upstream node list.

Changes in Version 12.00.00

  • change [12.00.00] Clean up the log file messages to streamline main processing messages. Don’t print log messages for command in If blocks that are being skipped – improves performance.
  • change [12.00.00] The CalculateTimeSeriesStatistic command has been updated to add StatisticValueProperty parameter to set a processor property.
  • change [12.00.00] The FormatStringProperty and FormatDateTimeProperty commands have been updated to add PropertyType parameter to allow control over the type of the output property that is created.
  • change [12.00.00] The Free command has been updated to add IfNotFound parameter to allow control over actions if a time series to free is not found.
  • change [12.00.00] The If command has been updated to add PropertyIsNotDefinedOrIsEmpty parameter to detect undefined/empty properties.
  • change [12.00.00] The SetProperty command has been updated to add Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide parameters to perform simple math on properties. This allows, for example, incrementing a counter in a For command loop.
  • change [12.00.00] The SetPropertyFromEnsemble command has been updated to allow the EnembleID parameter to be specified using wildcard *. This is useful to match a single ensemble rather than having to know its identifier, useful for graph templates.
  • change [12.00.00] The WriteReclamationHDB command has been updated to use new TS_XFER.WRITE_REAL_DATA and TS_XFER.WRITE_MODEL_DATA stored procedures.
  • change [12.00.00] The following commands have been enhanced to work with the For command and recognize ${Property} notation (where appropriate): FormatDateTimeProperty, Free, FreeTable, SetProperty commands.
  • new [12.00.00] Add new ChangeTimeZone command to change the time zone in time series date/times.
  • new [12.00.00] Add new DeleteTableRows command to delete a row from a table. Additional functionality will be added in the future to delete more than one row at a time.
  • new [12.00.00] New SetPropertyFromEnsemble command will set processor properties from time series ensemble properties.
  • new [12.00.00] Time series graphs can now be displayed using graph template feature in the time series results, facilitating one-click configurable graphs.
  • new [12.00.00] The new Graph - Ensemble graph type will automatically convert a time series into an overlapping ensemble line graph.
  • new [12.00.00] Time series table displays now provide a popup menu choice to calculate statistics for selected rows and columns.
  • new [12.00.00] Time series graphs now provide enhanced right-click to set y-axis limits.