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TSTool / Command / InsertTableRow


The InsertTableRow inserts 1+ rows in a table. This command has been created to assign blank values for use with the WriteTableCellsToExcel command, for example to clear out named cells in an Excel workbook.

Command Editor

The following dialog is used to edit the command and illustrates the syntax of the command.


InsertTableRow Command Editor (see also the full-size image)

Command Syntax

The command syntax is as follows:


Command Parameters

Parameter                           Description Default                
TableID The identifier for the table being modified. None – must be specified.
InsertRow The row number (1+) to insert before. The row will be appended to the end of the table.
InsertCount The number of times the insert should be repeated. 1
ColumnValues The column names and corresponding values to set using syntax:
ColumnName1:Value1, ColumnName2:Value2
The column name and value parts can be specified using ${Property} notation.
No values will be assigned (will be null values).


See the automated tests.


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