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TSTool / Command / ReadTableFromFixedFormatFile


The ReadTableFromFixedFormatFile command reads a table from a fixed-format file, for example input files to scientific models. Columns are indicated by a column type and width. Files have the following characteristics:

  • Comments indicated by lines starting with # are stripped during the read.
  • Extraneous lines in the file can be skipped during the read using the SkipLines parameter (not yet implemented).
  • Files cannot have header lines (see the ColumnNames parameter) – header lines will be handled in the future.
  • Data in columns are assumed to be of consistent type (i.e., all numerical data or all text), based on the format specifier (see DataFormat parameter).
  • Missing values can be indicated by blanks in the input file.
  • Values in adjacent columns that have no intervening space are read properly.

Command Editor

The following dialog is used to edit the command and illustrates the command syntax.


ReadTableFromFixedFormatFile Command Editor (see also the full-size image)

Command Syntax

The command syntax is as follows:


Command Parameters

Parameter             Description Default                  
Identifier to assign to the table that is read, which allows the table data to be used with other commands. None – must be specified.
The name of the file to read, as an absolute path or relative to the command file location. None – must be specified.
The data format, using a combination of the following specifiers (N is a number to be inserted and indicates the column width):
  • dN – floating point double-precision number N characters wide
  • fN – floating point number N characters wide
  • iN – integer N characters wide
  • sN – string N characters wide
  • xN – N characters that should be ignored
None – must be specified.
SkipLines Indicates the number of lines in the file to skip, which otherwise would interfere with reading row data. Individual row numbers and ranges can be specified, for example: 1,5-6,17
Not yet implemented.
No lines are skipped.
HeaderLines Indicate the rows that include header information, which should be used for column names. Currently this should only be one row, although a range may be fully supported in the future. Not yet implemented. If the first non-comment line contains quoted field names, they are assumed to be headers. Otherwise, no headers are read.
ColumnNames The names to assign to columns that are read. Column1, Column2,...


See the automated tests.

The following example illustrates a fixed-format file. In this case the name includes a string name and a “node type” separated by an underscore. The following data format can be specified to ignore the underscore and read the parts: s12s20x1s3s12x1s12x1f8. The ColumnNames parameter is used to assign column names to the output table.

#> *******************************************************
#>  StateMod River Network File
#>  WARNING - if .net file is available, it should be edited and the .rin
#>  file should be created from the .net
#>  format:  (a12, a24, a12, 1x, a12, 1x, f8.0)
#>  ID           cstaid:  Station ID
#>  Name         stanam:  Station name
#>  Downstream   cstadn:  Downstream node ID
#>  Comment     comment:  Alternate identifier/comment.
#>  GWMax        gwmaxr:  Max recharge limit (cfs) - see iwell in control file.
#>   ID                Name          DownStream     Comment    GWMax
514601      GRAND RIVER DITCH   _DIV09010500     514601           -999
09010500    COLORADO RIVER BELOW_FLO512068       09010500         -999
512068      MIN FLOW N FK COLORA_ISF510848       512068           -999
510848      REDTOP VALLEY DITCH _DIV512068_Dwn   510848           -999
512068_Dwn                      _OTH09011000     512068_Dwn       -999
09011000    COLORADO RIVER NEAR _FLO513695       09011000         -999
513695      CBT SHADOW MTN GRAND_RES514634       513695           -999
514634      CBT ALVA B ADAMS TUN_DIV953695       514634           -999
953695      SHADOW MTN RES BYPAS_ISF953695_Dwn   953695           -999
953695_Dwn                      _OTH512069       953695_Dwn       -999

The following table in TSTool illustrates the resulting output:

ReadTableFromFixedFormatFile Output

ReadTableFromFixedFormatFile Command Output Table Example (see also the full-size image)


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