7.1 - How to Install StateCU?

The StateCU installation package contains all the files necessary to install the StateCU model (Fortran) and the StateCU model interface (GUI). The installation package may need to update and/or install some system files, so it is advisable to close all other programs before beginning the installation. This also means that the user installing the software must have administrative privileges on the computer.

First, uninstall all previous versions of StateCU through the Windows Control Panel...’Add or Remove Programs’ utility. See the StateCU_installation_notes.txt for more information. Begin the installation by opening the provided installation file, StateCU_Setup.msi. You can either double-click on the file itself or right click and select ‘Install’ from the menu. This will begin a standard MS Windows installation program which requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 environment, which is installed on most Windows machines by default. If the installation package does not detect the Microsoft .NET 2.0 environment, it will attempt to automatically download and install it from Microsoft over the Internet before proceeding with the StateCU installation. In some rare cases, the Windows computer may not automatically begin the installation after opening the msi file. For this situation, you may run the StateCU_Setup.exe provided with the msi file to begin the installation. Additional information is provided in the installation notes file, StateCU_Installation_Notes.txt.