4.19 - Daily Historical Diversion File (*.ddy)

The daily historical diversion file (*.ddy), provides historic daily diversions for a list of structures. Water supply contained in the daily historical diversion file (*.ddy) represents river headgate diversions, not the supply delivered to the crop. Daily diversions must sum to the monthly diversions used in the monthly historical diversion file (*.ddh). When the user chooses to process daily diversions by priority (idaily= 1, see Section 4.4), the StateCU uses the daily diversion file to determine the percent of monthly diversions (in the *.ddh file, see Section 4.13) that are senior or junior to the user input administration number(s). Missing data is accepted using a –999 placeholder. The file can contain more structures than defined by the structure location file (*.str), but must include all structures being simulated. Likewise, the total years can be more than the study defined in the model control file by nyr1 and nyr2 (see Section 4.4).

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (i5, 1x, i4, 5x, i5, 1x, i4, a5, a5)
1-1 ibm Beginning month of data (e.g. 1=Jan)
1-2 iby Beginning year of data (e.g. 1975)
1-3 iem Ending month of data
1-4 iey Ending year of data
1-5 cunit Units of data ('CFS')
1-6 cyr Year type, CYR is calendar year or WYR is water year
Row 2 Format (i4, i4, 1x, a12, 31f8.2, f8.0)
2-1 iy Year
2-2 im Month
2-3 cdividx Daily station ID
2-4 diverdx(i) Historic diversion (cfs) or pattern, i=1,31

Repeat for the number of structures.

Repeat for each year of the simulation.