7.13 - How to Analyze a Fraction of a Ditch?

The Structure Scenario base datasets provided include total acreages and total historical diversions under each ditch. Similarly, the StateCU HydroBase Wizard will extract total estimated acreage under a ditch from HydroBase and total historical diversions. A consumptive use analysis may be needed to analyze only a portion of a ditch (e.g. 10 out of a total of 50 shares). Generally, under a mutual ditch system, the entire ditch is analyzed with the entire acreage and total historical diversions and then the calculated results are proportioned by the number of shares of interest. If, however, the ditch is not a mutual system or the shares are not distributed equally, the user may wish to proportion the total acreage and diversions by the fraction of shares being analyzed. Acreage and historical diversions can be revised and/or scaled through the GUI to reflect a portion of the ditch. The GUI also allows acreage and historical diversions to be modified externally with Excel and pasted into the scenario through the GUI. See Section for more information on revising data through the GUI.