7.15 - What input files are required for a climate station scenario?

A climate station scenario is used to estimate unit potential crop consumptive use and irrigation water requirements at a climate station location or a location represented by weighting more than one climate station. This analysis requires less data, therefore fewer input files, than a structure scenario. Required input files and associated data include:

  • Scenario response file, *.rcu – includes the names and paths of input files used for the analysis
  • Scenario control file, *.ccu – includes analysis period, and potential consumptive use method and effective precipitation method used in the analysis
  • Scenario structure file, *.str – defines the location of the analysis (climate station or field latitude and elevation), and defines the climate stations(s) used in the analysis
  • Climate Station file, *.cli – provides location of climate station used in the analysis
  • Climate Station Data files

Additional input files are required for a structure scenario, depending on the specific level of analysis (Section 4).