5.8 - Detailed Blaney-Criddle Summary Output File (*.obc)

The detailed Blaney-Criddle output file (*.obc) is generated when flag1= 1 in the model control file (see Section 4.4). This option provides detailed results of the Blaney-Criddle consumptive use calculation during the growing season for all crop types associated with each structure by year including the following:

  • percent of the month considered in the calculation,
  • average temperature and daylight hours,
  • Blaney-Criddle coefficients \(f\) , \(k_t\), \(k_c\), and \(k\) as defined in SCS TR-21,
  • potential evapotranspiration,
  • effective rainfall, and
  • irrigation water requirement.

An example is provided in Appendix A.