7.6 - How to Create a New Scenario?

As noted above, there are CDSS basin-wide StateCU scenarios available that include hundreds of structures in Division 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. In addition, there are statewide climate station scenarios that include both filled and unfilled climate station data. If the structure or climate station of interest is not included in an existing scenario, the user can create a custom scenario by accessing HydroBase data through the StateCU HydroBase Wizard. The wizard launched by using selecting the Create new StateCU scenario with HydroBase Wizard option under the File menu (see Section 2.4 above). If the user wishes to create a more complicated scenario that includes many structures or wants to fill missing input data using more detailed techniques than filling with averages, the user can develop a dataset using the State’s DMI Utilities, TSTool and StateDMI, to access the CDSS database, HydroBase, as described in Section 8 below.