4.16 - Direct Diversion Rights File (*.ddr)

The direct diversion rights file (*.ddr), provides water rights corresponding to a list of structures. For the base datasets, it is the same file used by the Water Resources Planning Model, StateMod. The file can contain more structures than defined by the structure location file (.str), but must include all structures being simulated. This file is only read if a water supply by priority option is defined in the model control file (isuply*= 2) (see Section 4.4). An example is provided in Appendix A.

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (a12, a24, a12, f16.5, f8.2, i8)
1-1 cidvri(1) Diversion right ID
1-2 named(1) Diversion right name
1-3 cgoto Diversion structure ID associated with this right
1-4 irtem(1) Administration number
1-5 dcrdiv(1) Decreed amount (cfs)
1-6 idvrsw(1) Switch 0=off, 1=on

Repeat for the number of diversion rights.