4.17 - Monthly Administration Number Time Series File (*.adm)

The monthly administration number time series file (*.adm) provides monthly administration numbers that can be used to color monthly or daily diversions either senior or junior if water rights are considered. The monthly administration number file is only read when idaily= 2 or 4 and when isuply= 2. The data must be in calendar year format for the StateCU program. An example is provided in Appendix A.

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (a3, I2, '/', I4, a2, '-'a5, I2, '/', I4, 1x, a4, 2x, a3)
1-1 admmb Beginning Month
1-2 admyb Beginning Year
1-3 admme Ending Month
1-4 admye Ending Year
1-5 idum1 AFYR for acre-foot year
1-6 idum2 CYR for calendar year
Row 2 Format (I4, 4x, 12F14.5)
2-1 yr Year
2-2 admin Administration Number

Repeat admin for I=1,12

Repeat for each yr