7.16 - How to Create an AWAS Input File?

The Alluvial Water Accounting System (AWAS) is an application created by the Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Group that can calculate river depletions. An AWAS river depletion analysis can be performed on monthly pumping and return flow data resulting from a water supply limited analysis in StateCU. To download the AWAS program, including a User Manual, see the IDS AWAS webpage at http://www.ids.colostate.edu.

As discussed in Section, the user can export monthly pumping and return flow data from the GUI’s Time Series Data Tool in a format that can be imported directly into the IDS AWAS program. Note that all structures available in the scenario will be included in the AWAS Import file. Load the scenario’s binary file output into the Time Series Data Tool and click on the Create IDS AWAS ’Import’ File button. The GUI will prompt the user to select a name and file path for the Import file, as well as the percentage of non-consumed water that will be considered unlagged surface return flows. The GUI then exports the unlagged surface return flow, lagged surface return flow and ground water pumping time series in a format that can be opened in the AWAS program. The GUI assigns the unlagged surface return flow time series an SDF factor of zero, indicating the return flows in this file are immediate. All required aquifer parameters can then be edited directly through the AWAS interface.