7.4 - How to Document a Scenario?

The information needed to document a particular model scenario depends on the type of analysis (e.g. irrigation water requirement versus water supply limited analysis) and the number of climate stations and/or structures included in the scenario (e.g. farm level analysis versus entire basin). A file containing a summary of model input data and information (.sum) is created for each scenario. Important information related to the StateCU model version, scenario name, and data and time of the model run is included at the top of the .sum file. Additional information needed to document a particular scenario may include, but is not limited to:

  • consumptive use method and any adjustment (e.g. elevation adjustment),
  • crop coefficients,
  • climate station assignments and any adjustments (e.g. weighting, orographic adjustment),
  • acreage (annual data),
  • crop distribution (monthly data),
  • diversion data (monthly data).

This information can be obtained by printing directly from the perspective StateCU GUI input screen, copying and pasting information from the GUI into a report, or saving files from GUI and including as attachments with a report.