4.6 - Structure Location File (*.str)

StateCU allows two types of crop consumptive use analysis: (1) Climate Station Scenario – based on a unit acreage at a climate station location, or (2) Structure Scenario – based on a specified acreage at a structure location. The iclim flag in the StateCU model control file (*.ccu) specifies whether the analysis is a Climate Station Scenario (iclim= 0) or a Structure Scenario (iclim= 1). The structure file provides non-time variant properties for the consumptive use locations. A structure location file must be provided for both types of analysis. With a Climate Station Scenario, the structure ID and name will be identical to the climate station ID and name in the climate station (*.cli) file and the precipitation and temperature weights will be set to 1.0 unless the structure is representing a field location or weighted climate station. In that case, up to five different climate stations and corresponding temperature and precipitation weights can be specified (see Section 3.1.7). In addition, an orographic adjustment can be specified for selected climate stations, as described in Section 3.1.7. The structure information file is required for all crop consumptive use model runs. An example file is provided in Appendix A.

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (a12, f6.2, f9.2, 2x, a10, 10x, i8, 2x, a24, 4x, f8.4)
1-1 bas_id(1) Structure ID, stored in first 12 characters of bas_id(i)
1-2 blat(1) Structure latitude
1-3 blev(1) Structure elevation
1-4 ttcount(1) Location1 (County or other location information
1-5 tthuc(1) Location2 (HUC or other location information
1-6 bas_id(1) Structure name, stored in last 24 characters of bas_id(i)
1-7 ncli Total number of climate stations
1-8 awrc(1) Soil moisture capacity (water supply limited analysis only, inches/inch)
Row 2 Format (a12, f6.2, 3f9.2)
2-1 wsid(1) Climate Station ID
2-2 wws(1) Temperature and Frost Date Weight (fraction)
2-3 wrs(1) Precipitation weight (fraction)
2-4 ota(1) Orographic adjustment in degF per 1000 feet for temperature (blank or 0 if no orographic adjustment)
2-5 opa(1) Orographic adjustment factor for precipitation (blank or 1 if no orographic adjustment)

Repeat for the number of climate stations (up to 5 per structure/blended climate station).

Repeat for the number of irrigation structures.