4.11 - Blaney-Criddle Crop Coefficient File (*.kbc)

The crop coefficient file (*.kbc) contains Blaney-Criddle crop coefficient curves for the SCS modified Blaney-Criddle or original Blaney-Criddle method. This file is read when flag1= 1 in the model control file (see Section 4.4). There must be a one-to-one correspondence between crop names in the crop characteristic file (*.cch) and Blaney-Criddle crop coefficient file. The recommended naming convention to identify crops with their crop coefficients is Crop_Name.XXXX as described in Section 3.1.7. An example is provided in Appendix A.

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (a80)
1-1 remark Title
Row 2-4 Free Format
2-1 nc Number of crop coefficient curves
3-1 id Crop number (not used in StateCU)
3-2 cropn Crop name
3-3 flag Growth curve type; Day=perennial crop, Percent=annual crop
3-4 ktsw Switch to use SCS modified Blaney-Criddle (ktsw=0 or no value), original Blaney-Criddle (ktsw=1), modified Blaney-Criddle with elevation adjustment (ktsw=2), original Blaney-Criddle with elevation adjustment (ktsw=3), or Pochop Method (ktsw=4) for estimating potential ET for this crop
4-1 nckcp(j) Day of the year for perennial crop types, for crop j
nckca(j) Percent of growing season for annual crop types, for crop j
4-2 ckcp(1,j) Corresponding crop coefficient for perennial crop types, for crop j
ckca(1,j) Corresponding crop coefficient for annual crop types, for crop j

Read 25 day/crop coefficient pairs (Row 4) for perennial crop types

Read 21 percent/crop coefficient pairs (Row 4) for annual crop types

Repeat for the number of crop coefficient curves, nc