8.4 - TSTool DMI

The TSTool DMI extracts and fills climate station records from HydroBase and can create the following files used in StateCU:

  • the monthly historical diversion (*.ddh) file (with missing data filled or flagged),
  • the daily historical diversion (*.ddy) file,
  • the ground water pumping (*.pvh), and
  • daily and monthly historic climate data information (with missing data filled or flagged) for the following:
    • minimum, maximum, and average temperature data,
    • precipitation data,
    • frost date data,
    • wind speed data,
    • solar radiation data, and
    • vapor pressure data.

The TSTool DMI can also be used to extract historic diversion records from HydroBase. For a complete description, see the TSTool DMI documentation.