4.18 - Daily Administration Number Time Series File (*.add)

The daily administration number time series file (*.add) provides daily administration numbers that can be used to color daily diversions either senior or junior if water rights are considered. If a daily diversion data input file is included in the analysis, the daily data can be processed according to priority (idaily= 1, see Section 4.4). The data must be in calendar year format for the StateCU program. An example is provided in Appendix A.

Row-Data Program Variable Description
Row 1 Format (a3, I2, '/', I4, a2, '-'a5, I2, '/', I4, 1x, a4, 2x, a3)
1-1 admmb Beginning Month
1-2 admyb Beginning Year
1-3 admme Ending Month
1-4 admye Ending Year
1-5 idum1 AFYR for acre-foot year
1-6 idum2 CYR for calendar year
Row 2 Format (I4, I4, 31F14.5
2-1 yr Year
2-2 mo Month
2-3 admin(i) Administration Number for i=1,31

Repeat for each mo

Repeat for each yr