5.4 - Water Supply Limited Consumptive Use Output File (*.wsl)

The water supply limited consumptive use (*.wsl) file is calculated for the water supply limited crop consumptive use and depletion analyses (isuply> 0 is the model control file, see Section 4.4). The supply limited consumptive use output file (*.wsl) is generated when the output file option typout is set to level 1 or greater in the model control file. The following information is provided by structure for each year in the simulation period:

  • annual structure acreage used in analysis,
  • monthly supply limited consumptive use in acre-feet,
  • annual supply limited consumptive use in acre-feet, and
  • annual supply limited application rate in acre-feet per acre.

In addition, average monthly and yearly values are also provided by structure over the simulation period. A simulation summary is also included with the above information, by year, for all simulation structures combined. An example is provided in Appendix A.