6.4 - Structure Water Budget Component

If irrigation water supply information is available, the user can choose to perform a structure water budget analysis. For each structure, StateCU will determine the amount of water available to satisfy potential consumptive use from irrigation water supply or from the soil moisture reservoir. If irrigation water supply exceeds potential consumptive use, the model determines the amount of water that is stored in the soil moisture reservoir or returned to the river in the form of return flows. StateCU can also account for supplies from ground water, either by reading historic pumping records or by estimating pumping (limited by well capacities) to meet demand. In addition, the model can account for water use senior to or junior to a user-defined priority; ‘coloring’ diverted water as well as water stored in the soil moisture reservoir. Finally, if return flow timing and percents are supplied to StateCU, river depletions are estimated.

If water supply information is missing for a given structure, then a ‘Prorated’ determination of water supply consumptive use is made as described in Section 3.2 and Section 3.4.