4.3 - StateCU Response File (*.rcu)

The StateCU response file contains the names of input data files required to run the model. The input files can be listed in any order; the order shown below is only for example. However, the file names must be identified by the appropriate defined file description, which is case sensitive. The required file descriptions associated with each file type are provided below. For example, if the Crop Distribution File (*.cds) was named ‘crop.txt’, the response file input line would show CropDistribution_Yearly = crop.txt. The response file is required for all model runs. All potential input file types are listed, although only a subset is required depending on the analysis option. An example file is provided in Appendix A.

*Format (a200, includes path plus filename)

Program Variable Description
CUControl = *.ccu
ClimateStation = *.cli
Structure = *.str
MeanTemperature_Monthly = *.tem
Precipitation_Monthly = *.prc
FrostDate_Yearly = *.fd
CropCharacteristic = *.cch
Blaney-Criddle_CropCoefficient = *.kbc
CropDistribution_Yearly = *.cds
Diversion_Historic_Monthly = *.ddh
Well_Historic_Monthly = *.pvh
IrrigationParameter_Yearly = *.ipy
Diversion_Right = *.ddr
AdministrationDate_Monthly = *.adm
AdministrationDate_Daily = *.add
Diversion_Historic_Daily = *.ddy
Penman_CropCoefficient = *.kpm
ModifiedHargreaves_CropCoefficient = *.kmh
MaxTemperature_Daily = *.tmx
MinTemperature_Daily = *.tmn
Precipitation_Daily = *.pdy
SolarRadiation_Daily = *.sol
VaporPressure_Daily = *.vap
Wind_Daily = *.wnd
Drain_Historic_Monthly = *.dra
Replacement_Crop_Requirement = *.rcr
Partial_Crop_Requirement = *.pcr
gis_state = *.shp
gis_basins = *.shp
gis_rivers = *.shp
gis_structures = *.shp
gis_climate_stations = *.shp