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TSTool / Release Notes / Version 13

Changes in Versions 13.02.00

  • change [13.02.00] Most menu items now have tooltips that provide additional information to users. The tooltips will be modified as feedback on their interpretation is received.
  • change [13.02.00] The table command menu Manipulate Table Values has been resorted to facilitate use, with commands grouped by column, row, and other manipulation functionality.
  • change [13.02.00] The AppendTable command has been updated with new ColumnData parameter to set constant data on appended rows.
  • change [13.02.00] The DeleteTableColumns command has been updated with new KeepColumns parameter to streamline indicating which columns should be deleted.
  • change [13.02.00] The DeleteTableRows command has been updated with new Condition parameter to filter which rows are deleted.
  • change [13.02.00] The ReadColoradoHydroBaseRest command now reads DivComment time series, to facilitate troubleshooting diversion records. The data value is set to zero if no water was taken in a year.
  • change [13.02.00] The ReadHydroBase and ReadColoradoHydroBaseRest commands have been updated to provide FillDivRecordsCarryForward parameter to allow control (rather than default). The behavior of both commands is consistent in terms of default parameter values. The WaterClass parameter has been added to allow matching a specific water class. A number of usability issues have also been fixed.
  • change [13.02.00] The ReadTableFromDataStore and RunSql commands have been updated to run procedures that have parameters and set the return status as a property. Procedures that have the same name with different parameters are not yet handled.
  • change [13.02.00] The StartLog command has been updated to write log messages to clarify the hand-off between closed and newly opened log file.
  • new [13.02.00] Add RenameTableColumns command.
  • new [13.02.00] Dialogs related to saving command files have been updated to provide an option to compare the in-memory (unsaved) command file with latest command file saved to disk. The View / Command File Diff tool has been implemented to show differences. This is useful when deciding whether to save or discard command file edits.

Changes in Versions 13.00.00 - 13.01.00

  • remove [13.00.00] Remove RiversideDB datastore built-in features. The features can be added later as a plugin if necessary.
  • bug [13.01.01] Fix bug where Find Command(s) popup menu was not working.
  • bug [13.01.00] Fix bug where highlighting line on graph by clicking on legend was not working.
  • bug [13.00.00] Fix bug where StateMod binary files over 2GB could not be read.
  • bug [13.00.00] Fix bug to allow StateMod time series to have up to 1500 years in *.xop time series files, to support climate change modeling.
  • change [13.01.00] Improve datastore information for HydroBase to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • change [13.01.00] Finish converting Word documentation to online format for remaining commands and datastores.
  • change [13.00.00] Enable open source licenses for software and documentation.
  • change [13.00.00] Migrate to new configuration folders:
    • Installation files now include datastores and plugins folders, consistent with user files.
    • User files are located in under .tstool/N folder with datastores, logs, plugins, and system folder, where N is the major TSTool version.
    • Also automatically copy the command-file-history.txt file to new major version folder if a new installation.
  • change [13.00.00] Ignore ColoradoWaterHBGuest and ColoradoWaterSMS web service datastores because the services are no longer available from the State of Colorado.
  • change [13.00.00] Improve the Tools / Options information to explain TSTool configuration.
  • change [13.00.00] Improve ColoradoHydroBaseRest web services features:
    • Display additional information in the time series list.
    • The query period has been enabled for all supported time series data types.
    • Time series properties are set for station, structure, and other object data.
    • The dataUrl property is set to allow accessing data on the website.
  • change [13.00.00] Enhance the ManipulateTableString command to allow $ for replace and remove actions using \$. The $ without escape alone represents end of line, as previously implemented.
  • change [13.00.00] Enhance the WriteTableToGeoJSON command to specify the GeoJSON version (default is RFC7946) via new Version parameter. Also add the CoordinatePrecision parameter to control precision on coordinates and bounding box.
  • change [13.00.00] Enhance the WriteTimeSeriesToGeoJSON command by adding the CoordinatePrecision parameter to control precision on coordinates and bounding box.
  • new [13.01.00] Add scripts to streamline creating Linux installer from Windows install.