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TSTool / Command / DeleteTableRows


The DeleteTableRows command deletes specified rows from a table.

Command Editor

The following dialog is used to edit the command and illustrates the syntax of the command.


DeleteTableRows Command Editor for Condition Parameter (see also the full-size image)


DeleteTableRows Command Editor for Row Number Parameter (see also the full-size image)

Command Syntax

The command syntax is as follows:


Command Parameters

Parameter                           Description Default          
The table identifier for the table to process. Can specify with ${Property}. None - must be specified.
Condition A condition to match rows to be deleted. Can use ${Property} to specify row number. See additional information below. Condition or row number must be specified.
DeleteRowNumbers The row number (1+) or last to delete the last row. Can use ${Property} to specify row number. Condition or row number must be specified.

The Condition parameter, if specified, is restricted to a simple comparison:

ColumnName operator Value

The values can be integers, floating point numbers, strings, or processor properties specified with ${Property} that evaluate to primitive types. The operator is one of the following (more functionality will be added in the future). For strings, A is less than Z, etc.

  • <
  • <=
  • >
  • >=
  • == (use this to test equality – do not use a single equal sign)
  • !=
  • contains (only for string comparison)
  • !contains (only for string comparison)
  • isempty (only for string comparison, and does not require Value in condition)


See the automated tests.

A simple comma-separated-value data as follows can be read with ReadTableFromDelimitedFile:

# Simple table for testing

The command file to read the above file and remove the first and last rows is as follows:



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