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StateDMI / Release Notes / Version 5

Changes in Version 5.1.5

Maintenance release to fix problems in well rights processing.

  • bug [5.1.5] Update the WriteWellRightsToStateMod command to write APEXGPM column as a whole number. Previously, large numbers could overflow the column width and corrupt the file format.
  • change [5.1.5] Update the ReadWellRightsFromStateMod command to better handle data lines that cause parsing errors. Badly-formatted lines are ignored, the line number is indicated in the log file, and the command will result in an error.

Changes in Version 5.1.4

Maintenance release to fix problems in well rights processing.

Changes in Version 5.1.3

Maintenance release to fix problems in well rights processing.

  • bug [5.1.3] Update the ReadWellRightsFromHydroBase command:
    • fix bug where a location identifier that is not matched should have skipped the location but instead the previous location was processed again, resulting in duplicate water rights
    • fix bug where groundwater-only locations might include rights for water supplies that are not in the groundwater only system/aggregate ID list, in particular cases where a well supply was present in a year that also had surface supply but in later years is not included in groundwater supply

Changes in Version 5.1.2

Maintenance release to address the "Log4Shell" vulnerability.

Changes in Version 5.1.1

  • bug [5.1.1] Update the ReadWellRightsFromHydroBase command so that a water right is only output once for a model location. The log file indicates duplicates that are ignored.
  • change [5.1.1] Update the location of online documentation to OpenCDSS https address.

Changes in Version 5.1.0

  • change [5.1.0] Cumulative production release for new features described below.

Changes in Version 5.0.11

Changes in Version 5.0.10

  • bug [5.0.10] Fix bug in ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command that was not identifying all unmodeled wells (those not in groundwater-only collection list but are a supply to involved parcels).
  • bug [5.0.10] The ReadIrrigationPracticeTSFromParcels and WriteParcelsToFile commands have been updated to correctly determine the fraction of parcel area for D&W surface water supply, which is multiplied by the groundwater fraction (1/# wells for parcel). The previous version always used (1/# ditches for parcel). The current version uses (1/# ditches for parcel where ditch is in the model node as a single ditch or in collection list).
  • change [5.0.10] Improved user interface and warnings based on feedback and experience.
  • change [5.0.10] Update the CheckCropPatternTS command to check that each year of data is either read from HydroBase or is provided by set or fill command.
  • change [5.0.10] Update the ReadWellRightsFromHydroBase command, as follows:
    • Defaults to water right use types of IRR and ALL (ALL has been added), in order to determine candidate water rights that are used for irrigation
    • The water right uses can now be specified with the IncludeUses parameter.
    • Fix issues with filter that was resulting in some rights being left out.
    • This version processes StateCU location list. Processing StateMod diversion and well list is under development.

Changes in Version 5.0.9

  • change [5.0.9] Update the ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command:
    • Add ExcludeYears parameter, to omit years with bad data in HydroBase, which avoids the ReadCropPatternTSFromParcels command setting zero in the excluded years.
    • When processing groundwater-only model node, when reading associated surface supply data, the water district to read cached data is determined from both digits 2-3 of the parcel and the well WD. This help ensure that valid surface supplies are not ignored. Surface supplies detected for a parcel result in the parcel being omitted from groundwater-only WEL node for crop pattern time series file.
    • Handle groundwater supplies that are not included in WEL aggregate/system and D&W and are therefore not included in the model dataset. The wells will impact the fractional area computations but the related fractional area will not be added to crop pattern or irrigation practice time series.
  • change [5.0.9] Update the ReadCropPatternTSFromParcels command to ignore parcel/supply data that are not included in the dataset, as determined by the ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command.
  • change [5.0.9] Update the ReadIrrigationPracticeTSFromParcels command to ignore parcel/supply data that are not included in the dataset, as determined by the ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command.
  • change [5.0.9] Update the ReadWellRightsFromHydroBase command to have Approach=UseParcels parameter and read using parcels data that were read using the ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command.

Changes in Version 5.0.8

  • bug [5.0.8] Update the ReadParcelsFromHydroBase command to read surface water supplies for groundwater-only model nodes, necessary because some ditches are excluded from the dataset and are therefore not included in D&W model nodes.
  • change [5.0.8] Change the program version number to not use zero-padded parts. The leading zero was causing an issue with the launch4j Java runner when version reached a value of 08 because version parts are interpreted as hexadecimal.

Changes in Version 5.00.07

  • bug [5.00.07] Implement changes to resolve additional issues with *.cds and *.ipy processing for ArkDSS dataset. Very few differences exist when compared with previous StateDMI. Troubleshooting features have also been enhanced.
  • change [5.00.07] Update the ReadCropPatternTSFromHydroBase command to not warn if parcels are missing as long as SetCropPatternTS or SetCropPatternTSFromList commands provide data
  • change [5.00.07] Update the WriteParcelsToFile command to fully represent model node, parcel, and water supply data for troubleshooting

Changes in Version 5.00.06

  • change [5.00.06] Multiple minor changes to ensure that automated tests run without warnings.
  • change [5.00.06] Update the Quality Control chapter to reflect recent enhancements related to testing.
  • change [5.00.06] Update the Select HydroBase dialog to automatically handle default datastore definitions, to minimize need for datastore configuration files.
  • change [5.00.06] Update the # comment command with special #@require comment to check application and database versions, useful for testing and workflow quality control.
  • change [5.00.06] Update the CreateRegressionTestCommandFile command and testing framework to handle requirements evaluation
  • change [5.00.06] Update the RunCommands command to check #@require comments so that automated tests for incompatible configurations can be skipped to avoid false test failures.
  • change [5.00.06] Update the SetCropPatternTS command editor to more clearly indicate which parameters are used with different StateDMI versions. Also change so that IrrigationMethod and SupplyType are optional so that the command can be used with old or new StateDMI command files.
  • new [5.00.06] Add datastore documentation similar to TSTool.
  • new [5.00.06] Add CompareIrrigationPracticeTSFiles command to streamline comparisons of different versions of files.

Changes in Version 5.00.05

  • bug [5.00.05] The ReadCropPatternTSFromParcels command has been fixed to fill missing data with zeros for years with irrigated lands data, determined from the parcels for all locations.
  • new [5.00.05] Add CompareCropPatternTSFiles command to streamline comparisons of different versions of files.

Changes in Version 5.00.04

Changes in Version 5.00.00 - 5.00.03

  • change [5.00.00] StateDMI on Windows is now distributed with 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The limit on memory used by StateDMI will only be constrained by the memory available on the computer. To change the default settings, edit the C:\Users\user\CDSS\StateDMI-Version\bin\StateDMI.l4j.ini file.
  • change [5.00.00] StateDMI is now distributed with Java 8. Improvements in performance and minor user interface changes should be evident. Significant internal code cleanup has occurred to make the code more maintainable.
  • change [5.00.00] Word/PDF documentation have been transitioned to Markdown/MkDocs format to provide online navigable and searchable documentation.
    • See the Help menu for links to online documentation.
    • Documentation specific to the software version is displayed if available and otherwise the latest documentation is shown.
    • Command editors have been updated to add a Help button that displays the command's documentation.
  • change [5.00.00] Editors for all commands that use files or folders now default to relative path and the buttons for selecting files and changing between relative/absolute path have been simplified.
  • change [5.00.00] Commands to process wells have been updated to allow well collections to be specified as a list of well WDIDs and/or well permit "receipt" number. This reflects changes in data and methodology whereby well identifiers can be specified by modelers rather than parcel identifiers, thereby simplifying modeling input. Other commands such as ReadTableFromDBF can be used to read spatial data files and implement tests. Refer to documentation confirm understanding of the approach for each data file.
  • new [5.00.00] Add SplitStateModReport command to split StateMod report file into separate files
  • new [5.00.02] New commands have been added to streamline parcel-related data processing:
  • new [5.00.00] Lowercase file extension statedmi is supported and is now the default when saving a new command file.
  • new [5.00.00] The View / Command File Diff menu has been added to compare the current command file contents with the previous saved version.
  • new [5.00.00] Many general commands have been added to facilitate advanced workflows and automated testing. The following commands have have been added and behave similar to TSTool software:
    • Commands / Datastore Processing - query databases
    • Commands / Spatial Processing - output spatial formats
    • Commands / Spreadsheet Processing - read and write Excel files
    • Commands (Table) - process tables
    • Commands / General / File Handling - additional commands such as WebGet command
    • Commands / General / Logging and Messaging - add Message command
    • Commands / General / Running and Properties - commands to handle processor properties
  • new [5.00.00] Datastores have been enabled and HydroBase datastores are available by default:
    • Local HydroBase database uses datastore name HydroBase and allows commands like ReadTableFromDataStore to query the database. The specific HydroBase database version must be configured in the datastore configuration file.
    • HydroBase REST web services are configured with name HydroBaseWeb and can be accessed as an alternative to local database for some commands, for example ReadDiversionRightsFromHydroBase.
  • new [5.00.00] Secondary windows center on the main window. Previously windows would display in the left-most window. Now windows display in the same display as the StateMod main window.
  • new [5.00.00] Command file history is available in the File / Open / Command File... menu.
  • new [5.00.00] User configuration files have been added:
    • The .statedmi folder under the user's files hold configuration file for the StateDMI major version.
    • Datastore configuration files can be added to the .statedmi/N/datastores folder to add connections to additional databases, or override the datastore configuration provided with the installer.
    • The StateDMI configuration file .statedmi/N/system/StateDMI.cfg can be edited to override the datastore configuration provided with the installer.