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Response File (*.rsp)

The response file contains the names of all other data files required to run the model. This file is read by subroutine StateM. Note that Version 10.30 and greater allows a user to enter response file data using one of two formats; random and sequential. StateMod reads the first file type and based on the occurrence of the character ‘=’ in the first file name it determines if the file is random (contains a ‘=’) or sequential (does not contain a ‘=’).

The random file approach allows file names to be entered in any order as described below under Random Response Format. Any file type that is not required for a simulation is simply not included. Also any file name may be commented out by including a ‘#’ character in column 1. Its format is described in the Chapter 4.0 Input Description.

The sequential file contains file names or a dummy name for every file type. It is described below. Also to allow StateMod to be backward compatible, well data (*.wes, *.wer, *.wem, and *.weh), the monthly instream demand (*.ifm), San Juan Recovery Plan sediment file (*.sjr), annual time series file (*.ipy), irrigation water requirement file (*.iwr) and soil moisture file (*.par) should not be provided unless specified in the control (*.ctl) file. See files with footnotes in the following table.

Sequential File Format - Format (a72)

Row-data Variable Description
Control and Network Files
1-1 filena Control file (*.ctl)
2-1 filena River Network file (*.rin)
Station Files
3-1 filena Reservoir Station file (*.res)
4-1 filena Direct Diversion Station file (*.dds)
5-1 filena River Station file (*.ris)
6-1 filena Instream Flow Station file (*.ifs)
7-1 filena1 Well Station file (*.wes)
Right Files
8-1 filena Instream Flow Right file (*.ifr)
9-1 filena Reservoir Right file (*.rer)
10-1 filena Direct Diversion Right file (*.ddr)
11-1 filena Operational Right file (.opr)
12-1 filena1 Well Right file (*.wer)
Climate and Stream Files
13-1 filena Precipitation file - monthly (*.pre)
14-1 filena Evaporation file - mon or ann (*eva)
15-1 filena Streamflow file - mon (.rim or .xbm)
Demand Files
16-1 filena Direct Flow demand file - mon (*.ddm)
17-1 filena Direct Flow demand overwrite - mon (*.ddo)
18-1 filena Direct Flow demand file - ann (*.dda)
19-1 filena2 Instream demand file - monthly (*.ifm)
20-1 filena Instream demand file - annual (*.ifa)
21-1 filena1 Well structure demand file - mon(*.wem)
Delay and Reservoir Target Files
22-1 filena Delay Table file - monthly (*.dly)
23-1 filena Reservoir Target file - mon (*.tar)
Optional Files
24-1 filena3 SJRIP sediment file - annual (*.sjr)
25-1 filena4 Annual Time series file - annual (*.ipy)
26-1 filena5 Consumptive Water Req. - monthly (*.iwr)
27-1 filena6 Soil Moisture file - annual (*.par)
Historical and Base Streamflow Files
28-1 filena Historic Res. EOM data - monthly (*.eom)
29-1 filena Base Streamflow data (*.rib)
30-1 filena Historic Streamflow data - monthly (*.rih)
31-1 filena Historic Diversion data - monthly (*.ddh)
32-1 filena1 Historic Well Pumping - monthly (*.weh)
Output Control Files
33-1 filena GIS data files (*.gis)
34-1 filena Output Control file (*.out)
Daily Files
35-1 filena7 Streamflow file - daily (*.rid)
36-1 filena7 Direct Flow demand file - daily (*.ddd)
37-1 filena7 Instream demand file - daily (*.ifd)
38-1 filena17 Well demand file - daily (*.wed)
39-1 filena7 Reservoir Target file - daily (*.tad)
40-1 filena7 Delay Table file - daily (*.dld)
41-1 filena57 Consumptive Water Req. - daily (*.iwd)
42-1 filena7 Historic Streamflow data - daily (*.riy)
43-1 filena7 Historic Diversion data - daily (*.ddy)
44-1 filena7 Historic Well Pumping - daily (*.wey)
45-1 filena7 Historic Res. EOM data - daily (*.eoy)

  1. Well data (*.wes, *.wer, *.wem, and *.weh) should only be provided when variable iwell = 1 in the control (*.ctl) file 

  2. A monthly instream flow file (*.ifm) should only be provided when variable ireach = 2 or 3 in the control (*.ctl) file 

  3. A San Juan Recovery Sediment file (*.sjr) should only be provided when the variable isjrip is not zero in the control (*.ctl) file 

  4. An Annual time series file (*.ipy) should only be provided when the variable itsfile is not zero in the control (*.ctl) file 

  5. An Irrigation water requirement file should only be provided when the variable ieffmax is not zero in the control (*.ctl) file 

  6. A Soil Moisture Parameter file (*.par) should only be provided when the variable soild is not zero in the control (*.ctl) file 

  7. Daily data should only be provided when the variable iday is not zero in the control file.