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Reservoir Release to a Diversion or Reservoir or Carrier (ityopr=2)

The type 2 operating rule provides a method to release water to a reservoir, direct flow structure or a carrier via the river. In addition, it can be used to constrain a diversion to the capacity of up to 10 intervening structures or carriers. Note a diversion is implicitly constrained by the capacity of the destination structure (variable ciopde, row-data 1-6).

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (a12, a24, 12x, 4x, f12.5, f8.0, i8, 3(1x,a12,i8), i8, 1x,a12, 1x,a12, 1x, 2f8.0, 2i8)
1-1 cidvri(1) Operational right ID
1-2 nameo(1) Operation right name
1-3 rtem(1) Administration number
1-4 dumx Monthly and Intervening Structure
+n Number of intervening structures (max = 10)
-n Include -12 monthly on/off values minus n intervening structures.
Note, when a negative value is provided, it should be -13 or less for 12 monthly values and 1 intervening structure)
1-5 ioprsw(1) Annual On/Off Switch
0 = off
1 = on
+n = Begin in year n
-n = Stop after year n
Destination Data
1-6 ciopde Destination diversion ID or reservoir ID
1-7 iopdes(2,1) Destination structure account
For a diversion destination, enter 1
For a reservoir destination, enter +n account served by this right
-n = Fill first n accounts based on the ratio of their ownership
Supply Data
1-8 ciopso(1) Supply reservoir ID
1-9 iopsou(2,1) Supply reservoir account
1-10 ciopso(2) 0
1-11 iopsou(4,1) 0 = provide 100% replacement
-1 = provide depletion replacement
Type Data
1-12 ityopr(1) 2
Associated Plan Data
1-13 creuse NA
Diversion Type
1-14 divtyp NA
Conveyance Loss (%)
1-15 OprLoss 0
Miscellaneous Limits
1-16 OprLimit 0
Start Date
1-17 IoBeg First year of operation
End Date
1-18 IoEnd Last year of operation
Monthly Data
Free Format
Include only if the variable (dumx) = 12 or less than -12
2-1 imonsw(1) Monthly switch 0 = off, 1 = on
+n = Day first used that month
-n = Day last used that month
Note the first entry corresponds to the first month specified in the control file
Intervening Structure Data
Include only if the variable (dumx) = 1-10 or < -12 1-10 or < -12
Format (36x, 10a12)
3-1 intern(1,1) For +dumx, Enter dumx intervening structure ID's
For -dumx, Enter abs(dumx)-12 intervening structure ID's