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Well Summary File (*.xwe)

The Well Summary File (*.xwe) describes the structure data (demand, surface supply, ground supply and shortage), use of water (CU, return and loss) and source of water (river, ground water storage and salvage) for every structure that has a well. The header describes the well ID, account and name. In addition, it describes the administration number, on/off switch, owner, and decreed amount for each ground water right located at this structure. It then contains a time series for the following:

# Column Description
0 Structure ID Well Structure ID
0 River ID River node ID
0 Year Year of the simulation
0 Mo Month of the simulation
1 Total Demand Structure Demand provided in the demand files. Note if demand data is provided as a consumptive value total demand is adjusted using a surface water efficiency
2 CU Demand Consumptive Demand. Note if a consumptive demand file (*.ddc) is provided this value is printed. If a consumptive demand file is not provided this value is calculated from demand and efficiency data.
Water Supply
3 From Well Water Supply from wells to this structure (e.g. pumping)
4 From SW Water Supply from other sources (diversions, reservoirs or other Well structures) that are tied to this well structure. Note if this well structure is not tied to a diversion, this column will be zero.
5 From Soil Water supplied from the soil zone.
6 Total Supply The sum of all water supplies (does not include carried water)
7 Total Short The difference between total demand and total supply.
8 CU Short The difference between the CU demand and CU
Water Use
9 CU Consumptive use of the water supply
10 To Soil Water diverted to the soil zone.
11 Total Return Total return flow (note the amount that will return over all return time periods)
12 Loss Water diverted that is not consumed, to soil or returned. Typically is non zero when the sum of return locations or delays do not equal 100%.
13 Total Use Total water use \((\text{CU} + \text{To Soil} + \text{To Return} + \text{Loss})\)
Water Source
14 From River Well water supplied by the River in this month.
15 From GWStor Well water supplied by Ground Water in this month (e.g. lagged depletions).
16 From Salvage Well water supplied by ET Salvage.
17 From Soil Well water supplied by the soil zone.
18 Total Source Total water source \((\text{From River} + \text{From GWStor} + \text{From Salvage} + \text{From Soil})\) node