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How to Implement a Futile Call

A futile call, as implemented in StateMod, allows a tributary stream to operate independently of the mainstem. Therefore, the impact of upstream diversions and return flows are not passed downstream of the futile call locations. This operating rule was originally developed for use in the Rio Grande, where dry stretches of the river can occur and create an opportunity for a futile call to extend upstream in these reaches.

  1. In the river network (*.rin) file, add a river node downstream of where a futile call occurs and keep the downstream location (cstadn) blank.


    Example River Network (*.rin) File with Futile Call (see also the full-size image)

Modeling Tips: * The river network (rin) file isgenearlly created using StateDMI commands; this operation requires editing this file in a text editor. If so, these revisions will not be captured in a commands file and may be overwritten if the river network (rin) file is recreated using StateDMI commands. * This functionality has not been thoroughly tested or vetted; it is up to the user to verify these operations are simulating as desired.