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Soil Moisture (StateCU_Structure) File (*.str)

The soil moisture file is the same as the current StateCU structure file. Note that StateMod versions 10.30 and greater use this in order to be consistent with recent StateCU enhancements. For a description of the old (*.str file) format, which StateMod still supports, see Section 9.0 - Discontinued but Supported File Formats.

The StateCU structure file (*.str) contains consumptive use parameters by structure that do not change with time. Only the soil moisture data (*.awc) is used by StateMod in order to perform soil moisture accounting. Other consumptive use information contained in the file (e.g. latitude, location, associated climate stations, etc.) are currently not used.

The soil moisture reservoir available to each structure is the parameter awc multiplied by the structures area, multiplied by average depth for every structure in the system specified in the control file (*.ctl) by variable soild (feet). It is formatted exactly the same as the soil parameter file used by the consumptive use model (StateCU), therefore it often contains data before or beyond the variable awcthat is not used by StateMod. Data can be entered in any order. This file is read by subroutine MDAINP during the first year and month of the simulation only.

Because multiple input file formats may be provided it is recommended the following string be provided near the top of the file before any data: # FileFormatVersion 2. If the format version indicator is not provided StateMod will try to read the file and determine the appropriate file type.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i4, 1x, a12, 12f8.0)
1-1 cistat Station ID
1-2 dum Latitude
1-3 dum Elevation
1-4 dum Region1 (e.g. County)
1-5 dum Region2 (e.g. Hydrologic unit)
1-6 dum Structure Name
1-6 ncli # of climate stations
1-7 awc Available water content (fraction)
2 Format(a12,f6.2,f9.2)
2-1 dum Climate ID
2-2 dum Temperature station weight
2-3 dum Precipitation station weight

Repeat for the number of stations ncli