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Basin Water Balance (*.xwb)

The Basin Water Balance Report (*.xwb) provides a description of the inflows, outflows and storage changes. It contains a time series for the following:

# Column Description
0 Year Year
0 Mo Month
1 Stream Inflow Total inflow to the river from model boundaries and natural gains
2 Return Total return flow to the river
3 From/To GWStor Total inflow or outflow from ground water storage
4 From SoilM Total from soil moisture
5 From Plan Total from a non-reservoir reuse plan (type 4) or an accounting plan (type 11) from one of the following 3 operating rules:
1 A Multiple Plan Ownership rule (type 46),
2 A Reuse Plan to a T&C or Augmentation Plan Direct rule (type 48), or
2 A Reuse Plan to a T&C or Augmentation Plan by Exchange rule (type 49)
6 Total Inflow Total of inflows \((\text{Stream Inflow} + \text{Return} + \text{From/To GW Storage} + \text{From SoilM})\)
7 Divert Total Diversion \((\text{From River By Priority} + \text{From River By Storage} + \text{From River By Exchange} + \text{From Carrier By Storage For Operational Type 3})\)
8 From River Well Total well pumping from the River in this month
9 Well Depletion Total well depletion from the river from pumping in previous months
10 Res. Evap Total reservoir evaporation
11 Stream Outflow Total outflow from the river
12 Reservoir Change Total reservoir storage change \((\text{End Of Month Content} - \text{Beginning Of Month Content})\)
13 To SoilM Total to soil moisture
14 SoilM Change Soil moisture change \((\text{End Of Month Content} - \text{Beginning Of Month Content})\)
15 Total Outflow Total of outflows \((\text{Divert} + \text{From River By Well} + \text{Well Depletion} + \text{Res Evap} + \text{Stream Outflow} + \text{Reservoir Change} + \text{To SoilM} + \text{SoilM Change})\)
16 Delta Difference between inflows and outflows
17 CU Total Consumptive Use
18 Loss Portion of diversions and pumping that are not consumed or do not return to the stream. Calculated to be \((\text{Diversion} + \text{Pumping}) \times (100 - \sum{\text{Returns To River}})\)
19 Pumping Total well pumping
20 Salvage Portion of well pumping offset by ET salvage. Calculated to be \(\text{Well Pumping} \times (100 - \sum{\text{Depletions To River}})\)