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There are numerous output files available from the three modules available in StateMod as described below. For scenario management, the files are given the simulation name plus a standard three character suffix as described below. Section 6 - Model Operation describes the output command and how to obtain each output file. Note that the output command NA indicates the file is generated by a module automatically. Also, unless otherwise noted, all output files are monthly.

# Module Output Command Output File Contents
1 Base Flow N/A *.xbi Base Flow Information at Stream Gage locations
2 Base Flow N/A *.xbg Gaged Base Flow Estimates
3 Base Flow *.xbm Estimated Gaged and Ungaged Base Flow
4 Base Flow *.log Log file
1 Simulate N/A *.xdd Direct and Instream Diversion Data Summary
2 Simulate *.xre Reservoir Data Summary (total and by account)
3 Simulate *.xop Operation Right Summary
4 Simulate *.xir Instream Reach Summary
5 Simulate *.xca Call Data Summary
6 Simulate (1) *.xpl Plan Data Summary
7 Simulate (2) *.xrp Replacement Reservoir Summary
8 Simulate (3) *.xwe Well Summary
9 Simulate *.xss Structure Summary
10 Simulate *.log Log file
11 Simulate-Daily N/A *.xdy Direct and Instream Diversion Data Summary
12 Simulate-Daily *.xry Reservoir Data Summary (total and by account)
13 Simulate-Daily *.xwy Well Summary (if wells are used)
1 Report -xst *.xdd Direct and Instream Diversion Data Summary
2 Report *.xre Reservoir Data Summary (total and by account)
3 Report *.xop Operation Right Summary
4 Report *.xir Instream Reach Summary
5 Report *.xwe Well Summary
6 Report -xnm *.xnm Detailed Node Accounting For All Structures By Year
7 Report *.xna Detailed Node Accounting Average
8 Report -xpl *.xpl Detailed Plan Accounting Average
9 Report -xwb *.xwb Water Balance
*.xgw Ground Water Balance
10 Report -xwr *.xwr Water Right List Sorted by Basin rank
11 Report -xdg *.xdg Direct Diversion, Instream & Gage Graph file
12 Report -xrg *.xrg Reservoir Graph file
13 Report -xwg *.xwg Well Graph file
14 Report -xdc *.xdc Diversion Comparison file
15 Report -xrc *.xrc Reservoir Comparison file
16 Report -xwc *.xwc Well Comparison file
17 Report -xsc *.xsc Stream Flow Gage Comparison file
18 Report -xcu *.xcu CU Summary
*.xsu Water Supply Summary
*.xsh Shortage Summary
*.xwd CU by Water District (first 2 digits of each ID)
19 Report -xrx *.xrx River Data Summary
20 Report -xsp *.xsp Selected Parameter printout
21 Report -xbn *.xbn ASCII Listing of Binary Direct and Instream Flow Diversion File
22 Report -xbr *.xbr Binary file Listing of Reservoirs
23 Report -xdy *.xdy Daily Direct and Instream Diversion Data
24 Report -xry *.xry Daily Reservoir Data (total and by account)
25 Report -xwy *.xwy Daily Well Data
26 Report -xwp *.xwp Well to Plan Summary
25 Report N/A *.log Log file
1 Data Check N/A *.xcb Base Flow by River ID
2 Data Check N/A *.xcd Direct Demand by River ID
3 Data Check N/A *.xci Instream Demand by River ID
4 Data Check N/A *.xcw Well Demand by River ID
5 Data Check N/A *.xwr Same as *.xwr from the Report option
6 Data Check N/A *.xtb Tabular summary of Input Formatted for Use in a Standard Report
7 Data Check N/A *.xou List of ID's Formatted for Making ID Specific Data Requests
8 Data Check N/A *.log Log file