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Monthly Binary Reservoir File

StateMod prints a direct access binary reservoir file (*.b44) that describes water supply and use for each reservoir and account. As with other reservoir outputs, there are binary outputs for the reservoir as a whole (Account 0) and for the individual reservoir accounts (Account 1, 2, 3, etc). The record length is 160 bytes. Note a typical read statement is as follows:

Read(44,rec=irecs) (dat(i), i=1,nres)


\(Irecs\) = the binary record to read

\(iy\) = the year of interest

\(iystr0\) = the starting year

\(im\) = the month of interest

\(nrsactx\) = the total number of active reservoirs (nract) and total number of active and inactive accounts (numown) (i.e. nrsactx = nrsact + numown)

\(ir1\) = the reservoir account of interest (the first account is always the reservoir total)

\(numtop\) = the total number of header cards \((numsta+numdiv+numifr+numres+numrun+numdivw+5+3*maxparm+2)\)

\(dat(i)\) = the data read

\(nres\) = the number of reservoir data elements (29)

Fields 1-15 are exactly the same as the Binary Direct Diversion file.

Row-data Variable Description
16-1 dat(1) Initial Storage (Initial_Storage)
16-2 dat(2) Priority Diversion (River_Priority)
16-3 dat(3) Storage Diversion (River_Storage)
16-4 dat(4) Exchange Diversion (River_Exchange)
16-5 dat(5) River Loss (River_Loss)
16-6 dat(6) Carrier by Priority (Carrier_Priority)
16-7 dat(7) Carrier by Sto_Exc (Carrier_Storage)
16-8 dat(8) Carrier Loss (Carrier_Loss)
16-9 dat(9) Total Supply (Total_Supply)
16-10 dat(10) Storage Use (Storage_Use)
16-11 dat(11) Storage Exchange (Storage_Exchange)
16-12 dat(12) Carrier Use (Carrier_Use)
16-13 dat(13) Total Reservoir Release (Total_Release)
16-14 dat(14) Reservoir Evaporation (Evap)
16-15 dat(15) Seepage and Spill (Seep_Spill)
16-16 dat(15) Simulated EOM Contents (Sim_EOM)
16-17 dat(17) EOM Target Limit (Target_Limit)
16-18 dat(18) One Fill Limit (Fill_Limit)
16-19 dat(19) River Inflow (River_Inflow)
16-20 dat(20) Total Reservoir Release (Total_Release)
16-21 dat(21) Total Reservoir Supply (Total_Supply)
16-22 dat(22) River by Well (River_By_Well)
16-23 dat(23) River Outflow (River_Outflow)
16-24 dat(24) Reservoir Carry (Reservoir_Carry)
16-25 dat(25) Reservoir Loss (Reservoir_Loss)
16-26 dat(26) Reservoir Seepage (Reservoir_Seep)
16-27 dat(27) Reservoir account number . Note 0 = total(ridr)
16-28 dat(28) Number of accounts for this reservoir (acc)
16-29 dat(29) Reservoir (rnr)

Repeat for every reservoir account

Repeat for every reservoir

Repeat for every month of simulation