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Evaporation File - Monthly (*.evm) or Annual (*.eva)

The evaporation file contains total monthly (12 values per simulation year) or annual (12 average values for every year) evaporation data. The type of data provided is controlled by the variable moneva from the control file. This file is read by subroutine MDAINP.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i5,1x,i4,5x,i5,1x,i4,a5,a5)
1-1 ibm Beginning month of data
Enter 1 for January, 10 for October, etc.
1-2 iby Beginning year of data
For monthly data, enter the year (e.g. 1975)
For annual data, enter 0
1-3 iem Ending month of data
1-4 iey Ending year of data
1-5 cunit Units of data ('FT' or 'IN')
1-6 cyr Year type
'CYR' = calendar year (1-12)
'WYR' = water year (10-9)
'IYR' = irrigation year (11-12)
Time Series Data
2 Format (i4, 1x, a12, 12f8.2)
2-1 ieyr Year
2-2 cevaid Evaporation station ID
3-3 evaprt(1-12,1) Evaporation for months 1-12

Repeat for the number of stations numeva

Repeat for each year of the simulation