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4.51 Plan Return Flow File (*.prf)

The Plan return file contains return flow data that is used to route canal seepage back to the stream over time (generally used with recharge plans) and plan efficiency information (generally used with T&C plans). For recharge plans, if no plan return flow data is provided, any plan seepage is considered a loss. Similarly if the percent return does not equal 100% then the balance (100%-value specified) is considered a loss. For T&C plans, the total amount of water that returns to the stream is calculated as a function of the amount diverted, the efficiency (or inefficiency) of the diverson (eff), and the return flow pattern. The plan return file (*.prf) contains two pieces of data associated with calculating return flows from a plan; where the return flow enters the stream system (crtnid) and when those returns enter the system over time (irtndlPP). The plan station file provides the efficiency value to be used. As described in Section 4.49, StateMod allows the user to provide either a constant efficiency value to use over all time or 12 efficiency values to be used for individual months. This file is read by subroutine GETRES.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Free Format
1-1 cistat Plan ID
1-2 crtnid River node receiving return flow
1-3 pcttotPP(1) Percent of return flow to this river node
1-4 irtndlPP(1) Delay (return flow) table for this return flow

Repeat for number of return flow locations

Repeat for number of plans with return flow data