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Interruptible Supply Direct (ityopr=15)

The type 15 operating rule allows a direct flow diversion's water right (ciopso(2)) to defer its ability to divert in order to supply water to an instream flow located downstream. The rule may or may not operate in a given year based on the flow (iopsou(2)) at a specified location (ciopso(1)) in the network in the month indicated when variable imonsw(i) is equal to 2. The following comments are provided to assist in using and interpreting this operating rule:

  • The amount available for diversion is the minimum available to the source water right when it is in priority (i.e. diversion to instream flow = min (instream flow demand, direct diversion water right, direct diversion demand, available flow to direct diversion).
  • Variable iopsou(4,1) allows the user to specify if the amount transferred is the total amount diverted or the amount that would have been consumed.
  • The monthly on/off switches (imonsw(i)) allows the operating rule to continue from one simulation year through the next (e.g. begin in August of one year and continue through October of the next year). However, this ability requires the operating rule not operate until the first on switch (imonsw(i) = 2) is encountered.
  • The Administration number assigned to the source water right overrides the variable rtem(1) provided with the operating rule.
  • Because this operating rule has the ability to turn on and off based on a discharge, this operating rule is either on or off (i.e. the user is not allowed to initiate its operation during the study period by specifying a year for variable ioprsw(1).
Row-data Variable Description
Source Data
1 Format (a12, a24, 12x, 4x, f12.5, f8.0, i8, 3(1x,a12,i8), i8, 1x,a12, 1x,a12,1x, 2f8.0, 2i8)
1-1 cidvri Operational right ID
1-2 nameo(1) Operational right name
1-3 rtem(1) Administration number. Note since ciopso(1) is a water right, its administration number is used and rtem(1) is ignored.
1-4 dumx Monthly Switch
0 = No monthly on/off values
12 = Number of monthly on/off switches provided
1-5 ioprsw(1) Annual On/Off Switch
0 = off
1 = on
+n = Begin in year n
-n = Stop after year n
Destination Data
1-6 ciopde Destination instream flow ID
1-7 iopdes(2,1) 1 Destination structure account
Source Data
1-8 ciopso(1) Stream ID used to determine if the interruptible supply operating rule will be used
1-9 iopsou(2,1) Natural streamflow (acft) below which the interruptible supply operating rule will be used
1-10 ciopso(2) Direct flow diversion water right to be used as the interruptible supply
1-11 iopsou(4,1) 0 = allow 100% of the decree to be diverted
-1 = allow depletion (CU) to be diverted
Type Data
1-12 ityopr(1) 15
Associated Plan Data
1-13 creuse NA
Diversion Type
1-14 cdivtyp NA
Conveyance Loss (%)
1-15 OprLoss 0
Miscellaneous Limits
1-16 OprLimit 0
Start Date
1-17 IoBeg First year of operation
End Date
1-18 IoEnd Last year of operation
Monthly Data
2 Free Format (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 12 or less than -12)
2-1 imonsw(1) Monthly switch 0 = off, 1 = on
+n = Day first used that month
-n = Day last used that month
Note the first entry corresponds to the first month specified in the control file
Intervening Structure Data
3 Format (36x, 10a12) (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 1-10 or < -12)
3-1 intern(1,1) For +dumx, Enter dumx intervening structure ID's
For -dumx, Enter abs(dumx)-12 intervening structure ID's