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Detailed Call Data

The State Model has the ability to print detailed call data for a diversion, reservoir or instream flow by setting the control file (*.ctl) call variable icall = 1 and the call right variable (ccall) to the water right of interest. The following are noted:

  • Detailed call output is limited to a diversion, reservoir or instream flow right (i.e. operating rules and wells are not currently supported).
  • Results are printed to the *.log file for each iteration. Note that the call can change during a time step if new water (e.g. reservoir releases and non-downstream return flow) become available. Therefore results are printed for every iteration of every time step and the volume of output can be quite large.
  • Although the output is limited to when a decree is operating, the volume of water reported as diverted in the detailed output is for the entire structure, not just the right.