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Plan to Reservoir Recharge Data File (*.plr)

The plan to reservoir recharge file contains information that links a recharge site to an augmentation plan. It provides data that ties a plan ID to a reservoir right, reservoir structure and reservoir owner. StateMod allows one augmentation plan to be tied to more than one recharge sites. This file is read by subroutine GetPlnR.

Note this file uses a free format read (which is slowly being added to other parts of StateMod). Therefore Plan ID’s and Plan names should be provided with no spaces or in double quotes (e.g. instead of My Name enter “My Name” or My_Name).

Row-data Variable Description
1 ctype Free Format
1-1 cistatP Plan ID
1-2 cistatR Reservoir Right ID
1-3 cistatS Reservoir Structure associated with this Right
1-4 cistatO Reservoir Owner associated with this plan