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Reservoir Storage with Special Limits Direct (ityopr=41)

The type 41 operating rule allows a reservoir to store reservoir water right up to the volume of water stored in an Out-Of-Priority plan. It was originally developed to simulate the so called “1955 Exchange” on the Blue River that limits storage in Green Mountain to the amount of water diverted out-of-priority by Denver and Colorado Springs with respect to Green Mountain Reservoir. The following are noted:

  • Source 1 should be a reservoir water right supplied in the reservoir right file (*.rer). Note when this right is tied to a type 41 operating rule it is turned off and StateMod prints a warning. By turning this right off, StateMod ensures this right no longer diverts as a standard reservoir but instead is controlled by information in the Type 41 operating rule.
  • The administration number assigned in the reservoir right file overrides the administration number assigned in the operating rule. Note if the administration numbers are not equal, StateMod warns the user that the data in the reservoir right file controls.
  • The destination should be a reservoir.
  • The variable intern is used to store up to 10 plans that might limit the reservoir storage.
  • The intervening plans should be Out-of-Priority (type 9) Plans.
Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (a12, a24, 12x, 4x, f12.5, f8.0, i8, 3(1x,a12,i8), i8, 1x,a12, 1x,a12, 1x,2f8.0, 2i8)
1-1 cidvri(1) Operational right ID
1-2 nameo(1) Operation right name
1-3 rtem(1) Administration number
1-4 dumx Monthly and Limiting Plan Switch
+n = Number of Limiting OOP plans (max = 10)
-n = Include -12 monthly on/off values minus n limiting OOP plans. Note, when a negative value is provided, it should be -13 or less for 12 monthly values and one limiting OOP plan)
1-5 ioprsw(1) Annual On/Off Switch
0 = off
1 = on
+n = Begin in year n
-n = Stop after year n
Destination Data
1-6 ciopde Reservoir ID
1-7 iopdes(2,1) Destination structure account. For a reservoir destination, enter:
+n = Account to be served by this right
-n = Fill the first n accounts based on the ratio of their ownership
Supply Data
1-8 ciopso(1) Reservoir Water right
1-9 iopsou(2,1) 0 (not used)
1-10 ciopso(2) NA
1-11 iopsou(4,1) 0 (not used)
Type Data
1-12 ityopr(1) 41
Associated Plan Data
1-13 creuse NA
Diversion Type
1-14 cdivtyp Diversion
Conveyance Loss (%)
1-15 OprLoss 0
Miscellaneous Limits
1-16 OprLimit 0
Start Date
1-17 IoBeg First year of operation
End Date
1-18 IoEnd Last year of operation
Monthly Data
2 Free Format (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 12 or less than -12)
2-1 imonsw(1) Monthly switch 0 = off, 1 = on
+n = Day first used that month
-n = Day last used that month
Note the first entry corresponds to the first month specified in the control file
Limiting OOP Plan Volume Data
3 Format (36x, 10a12) (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 1-10 or < -12 )
3-1 intern(1,1) For +dumx, Enter dumx limiting OOP Plan ID’s
For -dumx, Enter abs(dumx)-12 limiting OOP PlanID's