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Consumptive Water Requirement File - Monthly (*.ddc)

The monthly consumptive water requirement (*.ddc) file contains the consumptive requirement for direct diversion and well only structures for each month of the simulation period. For an irrigation structure the consumptive water requirement is commonly called the Irrigation Water Requirement (IWR). Regardless if the structure is used for irrigation or municipal or industrial use the consumptive water requirement is the amount of water that would be consumed by that structure (e.g. no losses or inefficiencies are included). It is only used when the control file (*.ctl) variable efficiency variable (ieffmax) = 1. Data should be provided for every diversion and well only structure. If data is inadvertently provided for a Well structures that is also served by both Surface water the data provided under the Diversion ID is used. When data is not provided (e.g. for a municipal or non consumptive demand) the CU requirement is set to the structures demand / average efficiency provided in the diversion station (*.dds) file or well station (*.wes) file, respectively. Data can be entered in any order. This file is read by subroutine MDAINP.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i5,1x,i4,5x,i5,1x,i4,a5,a5)
1-1 ibm Beginning month of data (e.g. 1 = Jan)
1-2 iby Beginning year of data (e.g. 1975)
1-3 iem Ending month of data
1-4 iey Ending year of data
1-5 cunit Units of data ('CFS')
1-6 cyr Year type
'CYR' = calendar year (1-12)
'WYR' = water year (10-9)
'IYR' = irrigation year (11-10)
Time Series Data
2 Format (i4, 1x, a12, 12f8.0)
2-1 idyr Year
2-2 cistat Demand station ID
2-3 diverm(1-12,1) CU requirement(AF) for months 1-12

Repeat for the number of diversion and Well only stations

Repeat for each year of the simulation