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Abnormal Model Termination

It is the user’s responsibility to correctly represent the modeled basin and operations in the overall scenario, and understand information supplied in each input file. StateMod will perform minimal error checking of user-supplied data, focusing primarily on consistency between model structures between files, select missing or errant data, and file formats. Incorrect or inconsistent input data will result in an error when executing StateMod and cause the model to terminate prior to completing the execution. The errors are documented in a log file; it is the responsibility of the user to read error messages and react accordingly.

If the model terminates prior to completing the simulation, open the log file (*.log) in a text editor and review the information. The log file will contain various notes on which files were expected to be read and which files were actually read from the response file (*.rsp). The error is the last piece of information in the log file, and the error is generally associated with the last file that was read. Use Section 4 to review the format and required data in the specific input file and correct.