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Soil Parameter File (*.par)

The structure parameter file (*.par) contains soil moisture data required to perform soil moisture accounting. The soil moisture reservoir available to each structure is the parameter awcr multiplied by the structures area multiplied by average depth for every structure in the system specified in the control file (*.ctl) by variable soild (feet). It is formatted exactly the same as the soil parameter file used by the consumptive use model (StateCU), therefore it often contains data prior to and beyond the variable awcr that is not used by StateMod. Data can be entered in any order.

When this discontinued format is provided the following format string should be entered at the top of the file: # FileFormatVersion 1. If the above string is not provided StateMod will try to read the file and try to determine the appropriate type.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i4, 1x, a12, 12f8.0)
1-1 cistat Station ID
1-2 awcr(1-12,1) Available soil moisture (inches per inch)

Repeat for the number of stations numdiv